Stress Management

Stress Management

Why do you have to manage stress?

Stress management is a vital step for you to take once you have identified that you are facing stressful situations in your life, regardless of the cause.
As you might be aware of, there are helpful types of stress that enables you to motivate you to become more productive in order to achieve your goals.
However, long-term stress cannot only produce negative impacts on your health but also it is recognized to degenerate your health faster than some other diseases.

Moreover, stress can diminish your capacity to perform and function well, either in the workplace or at school. This is the reason why; stress isn’t something to be ignored. Apart from the personal impacts you can experience from stress, it also affects how you deal with the environment and the people in your lives.

Knowing Your Stress Level

Identifying the source of stress is often not enough for managing it. If you are often stressed, you should take a step further by keeping for instance a stress journal.
As you monitor the different level of stress you are experiencing, so that you can also noticed the impact it produced on you.
This is an effective method for you to closely study your levels of stress, its triggers, and for you to locate exactly what you can do to relieve yourself from it.

Starting on Stress Management

Now that you know the impact that stress has on you, getting started on a stress management method is necessary. Managing your stress helps you get back your life, instead of being consumed by the amount of stress you had to deal with. Here’s how you can get started:

• Find what causes stress in your life.
• Think of ways that you can reduce that stress.
• Conceive your stress management technique for relieving stress.

Steps on Stress Management

There is something you should bear in mind is that you cannot completely eliminate stress as fast as you would like to.
Unless you change your lifestyle and your stressful job, you have a chance to notice a significant improvement in your stress level and eventually eliminate it for good.

Here are some suggestion you can try as a stress management method that could work for you:

• Pay attention the way you react with stress. You should be honest with yourself. It will determine whether your own coping mechanisms are effective or not. If not, then look for other ways.

• Change your mindset. Most of the time, stress could be the result of your way of thinking; it is produced only by your mind. So, if you think that is the case with you, then adopting a new attitude such as positive thought might diminish your stress levels.

• Improve your time management skills. Generally, your stress in life is a result of your inability to squeeze in your plans within the time available to you. In that case, you have to learn to prioritise tasks. So, creating your schedule will enable you to achieve more in less time.

• Look after your body. This is often the most neglected aspect of stress management. Eat healthy and get enough rest. Your health is the most important factor in stress management.

Benefits of Stress Management

I really hope that you understand the importance of stress management. Imagine how powerful your life would be without stress. But, in case, you are still hesitating about tackling this issue as soon as possible, here are some benefits that can be gained with practicing an efficient stress management method:

1. You have better control over your emotions and you know how to respond to it
2. It improves your overall health status.
3. You adopt a more positive attitude either to a situation or in life.
4. You will find an increase in your productivity, as you are able to focus easily on your tasks.
5. And more importantly, you reduce or eliminate stress in your life.

Finally, as described earlier, stress is an issue that should not be treated lightly, if you are not sure about where to start, remember you can always seek for professional help or speak to your GP.

Nathalie Jean-Gilles
Holistic Therapist