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Reflexology, a holistic approach

Reflexology, a holistic approach

The term “holistic” comes from the Greek word “Helos” meaning whole.
The holistic approach looks at the whole picture. The method is an understanding of physical issue as a condition of the whole person, physical, spiritual and emotional. In other term, an explanation of a condition cannot be isolated but rather all components have to be taken in consideration.

A holistic health approach looks for underlying causes of symptoms instead of just covering the symptoms with drug.

Nowadays, even modern western medicine starts to realise the importance of the holistic aspect, some hospitals request the services of therapists such as Reflexologist, Reiki practitioner, etc…

In life, it happens that we all face difficulties and sometimes we reach a point where we need help and support.
This support can be offered during a holistic approach which is more personal.

Reflexology aims to correct both physical and emotional imbalances.

For an initial reflexology treatment, in addition to a medical family history, as a reflexologist I take in consideration lifestyle factors and external influences which affect the client.
Obviously, the therapist helps and supports the client but does not control him/her.

Even though most clients are unaware or might have difficulty to believe, they are responsible for their own condition.
Therefore, they have the ability with their own mind and willpower to overcome their imbalances.
By being relaxed and receptive to his or her own feeling, a client can shorten the treatment period.
Generally, it takes between 6 to 8 treatments that the client is able to make life changes.

It is very important to understand that the therapist is not the one who corrects or changes the client condition. The therapist only contributes or participates to the body’s self healing mechanism.

Finally, a holistic approach encourages the individual to engage in self care and educate themselves about their health.

Nathalie Jean-Gilles, Mar
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