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Definition of Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural complementary therapy based on the principle that there are reflex points in our feet and hands.
These reflex points correspond to the organs of our body as a mirror. By using thumbs and fingers to stimulate reflex point pain and stress are released.

We often hear about "reflexology massage" or "reflexology foot massage" but reflexology is more about stimulation of reflex points than foot massage which are two different methods.

Finally, reflexology is effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness.


If you want to know more about reflexology, please refer to my personal selection of books such as:

- "The Original Works of Eunice Ingham" (physiotherapist who further developed and refined the zone therapy and invented the word "Reflexology"),

-"Finding your Feet" by Ann Gadd who invites you to discover "how your sole reflects the soul", etc...


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