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Nathalie Jean-Gilles, Reflexologist
| Tel: 07906733051
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nathalie reflexologist

My name is Nathalie Jean-Gilles. Coming originally from France, I have been living in London for more than 6 years.

People who know me say that I am a person full of energy and life. I generally transfer this positive energy to anyone I am in contact with.

After working many years in various sales functions in different industry sectors, I felt that I wanted to bring more value to people’s life, which in return would also be more fulfilling for me.

By nature, I am someone who likes to help others. I have been interested in personal development and anything related to it for many years. My natural ability is to listen and help people.

The decision to work in the health area was a natural step.

There are many directions you can take in the healthcare sector. After careful consideration, I realised that the holistic field is closest to my understanding of how we should deal with our body, our health and illnesses.

Reflexology is a holistic (from “holos” meaning "whole" in Greek) therapy, which means it covers body, mind and spirit. I believe that alternative or complementary therapy allows for a more personal approach than conventional medicine. We human beings are in need of physical contacts for both physiological and psychological benefits.

Thanks to reflexology, I can empower people's life by giving treatments and recommendations to improve their health and daily lifestyle.

I've worked at the University College Hospital in London as a volunteer reflexologist for three years.

Finally, I trained at Central London College of Reflexology and I am fully qualified and insured.


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