Meet The Therapist


Thank you for stopping by. My name is Nathalie Jean-Gilles, I live in London, UK.       Nathalie Jean-Gilles Reflexologist London

People who know me say that I am a person full of energy and life. I generally transfer this positive vibe to anyone I am in contact with.

My interest has always been spirituality, personal development and complementary therapies. I have this natural ability to listen and help people. 

So, it felt so natural to choose  complementary therapies as a medium to help people experiencing some health challenges. 

Complementary therapy allows for a more personal approach than conventional medicine. I believe that we human beings are in need of physical contacts for both physiological and psychological benefits.

Reflexology and massage are holistic therapies which means they cover body, mind and spirit.

I have been trained at Central London College of Reflexology and I am fully qualified and insured. I used to volunteer as a reflexologist at the University College Hospital for over 2 years.